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a) American MD (US MD) program

b) Medical Doctor (MD)

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Teaching language: English Duration 6 yrs Awarded qualification: Graduated medical doctor About the program MD program aims to bring up competitive qualified physicians with proper competences, who are ready for further postgraduate education and special training. The program also aims to prepare medical staff in according to demands from national health care system. Faculty of Medicine carefully selects applicants who demonstrate the intellectual ability, personal attributes, and motivation to be successful—in medical school, in postgraduate training, and throughout their professional careers. Educational program for the Faculty of medicine at TSMU is one step, partially integrated and confines 360 credits (1 credit equals to 30 academic hours). The program duration is 6 academic years (12 semesters) including internship (1 academic year). The program aims to work out results for medical practice which corresponds to the second step of higher education. Corresponding qualification of Educational program for medical practice is MD.


MD(Medical Doctor) Program

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Teaching language: English Duration 6 years, 12 semesters. Qualification to be awarded – Doctor of Medicine; About the program The program embraces university compulsory, basic compulsory, clinical compulsory, clinical skills compulsory, scientific research skills compulsory, university optional and major optional modules; Faculty of Medicine has been operating since 1995 and has numerous successful and highly qualified alumni. CIU is a member of The World Directory of Medical Schools (World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)).Caucasus International University was included in the list of acknowledged foreign Medical Institutions by Medical Council of India (MCI) in 2016 and it became a member of an International Association for Medical Education “AMEE”in 2018.


MD(Medical Doctor) Program

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Teaching language: English Duration of the program:6 academic years qualification: Graduated medical doctor About the program The goal of the one-level program of the graduated medical doctor is to prepare for the local and international markets a competitive, highly qualified, high moral value-carrying staff with appropriate competence, who will be able to meet the educational requirements of an open society, which in turn will contribute to the implementation of the mission of the Caucasus University: to raise competitive, highly qualified, high moral values , a professional carrying democratic values ​​and democratic principles. The purpose of the program is: to provide its graduates with evidence-based medical education in accordance with international standards necessary for practical medical activity; Graduates were given the necessary education for practical work in the medical field in basic, clinical and social sciences; Motivate graduates to receive continuous medical education and professional development; to teach graduates the legal basis of the healthcare system; Graduates will master clinical and communication skills (with the patient, his family members, colleagues and other workers of the health system) and patient-oriented competencies. To teach graduates the values ​​of medical ethics (feeling respect for the patient, taking into account his interests regardless of social, cultural, religious and ethnic background; to develop his ability to work within the framework of professional ethics). The educational program is based on the standards of the World Federation of Medical Education.The program equips graduates with the practical/clinical skills and mindset necessary for successful careers and continuing education.



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Teaching language: English Duration of the program:6 academic years qualification: Graduated medical doctor About the Program The history of higher medical education begins in 1918 with the establishment of Tbilisi State University and its medical faculty. In 1919, the medical faculty was established as an independent faculty, and at the end of the 1929-1930 academic year, it ceased to exist in the university. In 1995, higher medical education was restored in TSU, and in 2000, the Faculty of Medicine was established as an independent faculty. The goal of the Faculty of Medicine of TSU is to establish a center of medical education and science developed in accordance with international standards, which is a leading domestic and internationally recognized educational-scientific institution that has educational programs of all three levels in accordance with modern standards, a material-technical base and clinical centers, international Graduates and academic staff with professional and scientific authority and scientific products of international recognition.


MD Program

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Teaching language: English Duration of the program:6 academic years qualification: Graduated medical doctor About the Program The structure and format of the David Tvildiani Medical University MD curricula and the teaching management system are original, holding the copyright. They are specially designed to increase the efficiency and comprehensibility of the learning process: Modules are integrated into organ – system oriented rotations. An academic year consists of 40 instructional weeks (240 instructional days) divided into two 20-week semesters: fall and spring semesters. The semesters are separated by holidays. On the base of ECTS (Europe Credit Transfer and Accommodation System) 30 credits are attached to the workload of each 20-week semester. Thus, one academic year comprises 60 credits; one credit equals 30 working hours, 16 hours of which are contact hours and 14 hours are intended for student’s independent work. The learning process is performed 6 days a week , 4 hours a day. Each rotation is concluded by a complex test – quiz. Student knowledge assessment is a computer based testing that ensures maximal objectiveness. The whole length of MD Program is 12 Semesters, or 6 years, of which first 2 years are dedicated to Basic Medical Sciences, and following 3 years – to Clinical sciences. One additional year is spend in Clinic, practicing general medicine.Students can sit USMLE Step 1 after completing the basic medical sciences, and USMLE Step 2 – after Completing Clinical Sciences.The last 2 semesters – or the 6th year is Clinical practice, which the students can have in Hospitals in Georgia, or at their choice - in the USA.After completing 6 years of education the University Diploma is issued and the degree of Doctor of Medicine –MD awarded The main goal of this program is to give firm, deep knowledge of all branches of medicine, without overloading the students and excessing their ability to comrehend and remember studied material. This original program has proven its effectivness through very high scores of our students at USMLE exams.







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Teaching language: English Duration of the program:6 academic years qualification: Graduated medical doctor The aim of the program is to prepare competent, compassionate, just, experienced medical doctors, who will possess necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills and values, defined by descriptor of competences of medical education in Georgia and by learning objectives of basic medical education by TUNING/MEDINE project, which will enable them to successfully continue medical education, enroll in Masters and Doctoral programs, apply for clinical positions of junior doctor, participate in scientific and academic activities in Georgia, as well as in other countries; graduates of the course will be ready to continuously improve their knowledge and skills, and with their professional work facilitate improvement of health and wellbeing of local communities as well as global society

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Duratioin 6 Yrs Teaching language: English Awarded qualification: Graduated medical doctor About the program The one-level educational program for a qualified physician "Medicine" has been developed taking into account the sectoral characteristics of the higher medical education of Georgia and based on the medical education standards of the "World Federation of Medical Education" (WFME). The program ensures the training of a qualified physician equipped with relevant knowledge and competencies, who will be competitive at the international level and will be able to work effectively in the field of health care, both in the public and private sectors. The language of instruction in the program is English. Study material is presented in English, which allows students and lecturers to make the most of modern English-language teaching resources, share the latest achievements and experiences of the field. The university owns well-equipped auditoriums and computer classrooms, computer training programs, training laboratories, university library and scientific bases, "Argus" environment provision system of choice, scientific (medical and public health research institute) bases of the university and partner organizations for development of clinical-practical and scientific skills. and for reinforcement.

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Teaching language: English Duration 6 yrs Awarded qualification: Graduated medical doctor About the program Tbilisi State medical In university (TSSU), bilateral As a result of mutual cooperation, the "Doctor of Medicine Degree Program" was launched in 2013, which was developed and implemented within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation signed between Tbilisi State Medical University and Emory University (Atlanta, USA).The idea of the program was to develop a new, innovative, integrated curriculum that would take into account the modern requirements of building a medical curriculum as much as possible. The program was based on the modernized curriculum of Emory Medical School, which was modified to take into account European and local requirements, resources and best practices/experiences. The program is integrated - based on the modern understanding of the highest quality standards of medical education. Integration refers to the combination of fundamental knowledge, research and clinical skills of biomedical and clinical sciences; A graduate of the program should be involved in medical service and research. The American medical degree program is based on a harmonious fusion of basic scientific and clinical disciplines. The program is structured in such a way that students in the process of studying Be able to pass two levels of the United State Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). In addition, based on the existing agreement between TSU and Emory University, any student of the TSU Graduated Medical American Program, who passes the first level of the American licensing exams during his studies, has the opportunity to actively participate in clinical "clerkships" at Emory Medical School.



UG Programs:

a) Computer Science (language of instruction – English)

PG Programs:

a) Business Administration Program (MBA)


PG Programs:

a) International Marketing (language of instruction – English)

b) Global Policy and Security Studies (language of instruction – English)


UG Programs:

a) Business Administration In English

b) Computer Science In English

c) Joint Undergraduate Program In Cyber Security

d) Architecture In English

e) Diplomacy And International Relations In English f) Joint Undergraduate Program In Business Administration

g) Joint Undergraduate Program In Hospitality Management

h) Psychology In English

i) Economics In English

PG Programs:

a) Joint Master Program In Business Administration b) Information Technology Management In English

PHD Programs:

a) Phd Program In Management (Delivered In English)

b) Phd Program In Economics (Delivered In English)


UG Programs:

a) Business Administration -BBA (ENG)

PG Programs:

a) Digital Management (ENG)

b) Business Administration in Finance (ENG)

PHD Programs:

a) Education Sciences (ENG)


UG Programs:

a) Business Administration (ENG)

PG Programs:

a) Master Of Business Administration (English)


UG Programs:

a) Civil Engineering (Eng)

b) Computer Engineering (Eng)

c) Electronic And Electric Engineering (Eng

PG Programs:

a) Master of Science in Applied Genetics (ENG)

b) MBA (ENG)


UG Programs:

a) Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management

b) Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science

c) Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics

PG Programs:

a) Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Finance


UG Programs:

a) Business Administration

b) Electronic and Communication Engineering

c) Information Technology

d) Computer Engineering

e) Nursing

f) Pharmacy

PG Programs:

a) Master of Business Administration

b) Master of Education Administration

c) MA in English Philology

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