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Our educational process combines an innovative approach and the latest technologies in the field of education. All lectures and practical classes will be held in English and Russian. Training in the specialty "Medicine" is carried out according to the programs of the specialist and lasts 5 years. The graduate is awarded the qualification "Doctor". In order to self-manage patients, it is necessary to go through the following stages of training: residency, internship or graduate school. General medicine is a basic medical education, after which you can get a narrower specialization: surgeon, therapist, cardiologist, pediatrician. There is a practical center equipped with modern equipment and other relevant teaching aids, where students improve and master the necessary primary practical skills. Training a specialist in this specialty involves the formation of certain professional competencies, including knowledge and skills in the field of disease prevention and improving public health; diagnosis of diseases, treatment and rehabilitation of patients; information and analytical activities for the purpose of assessing and predicting the state of health of the population; planning, organization and management of medical care to the population in healthcare organizations, etc.

Faculty:       "General Medicine" - 5 Years (Full-time)
Qualification: "Doctor"

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