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Kemerovo is a city in Russia located in the south of Western Siberia, in the northern part of the Kuznetsk coal basin. The small village of Kemerovo was founded in the 1830s and merged with the village of Shcheglovo in 1918 to form the city of Shcheglovsk. The city began to grow rapidly with the development of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin, and in 1932 it reverted to the name Kemerovo. Being the capital of the Kemerovo region, it is an important administrative, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, transport, and industrial center of the country, standing on both banks of the Tom River, about 3,630 km east of Moscow. Kemerovo is a sprawling city with wide boulevards and serene parks.


              Founded:     May 9, 1918

          Population:     5.38 Lakhs (2012)

                     Area:     282 km2 (109 sq mi)

  Major language:    Russian

Minor languages:   English, Shor (Turkic Language)

          Time Zone:    UTC+7

                 Airport:   Kemerovo International Airport


  • It is one of the most important chemical-manufacturing cities in Russia. 

  • Kemerovo produces nitrogenous fertilizers, plastics, material for synthetic fibers, aniline dyes and paints, caustic soda, ammonia, and pharmaceutical goods.

  • The city’s engineering industries manufacture coal-mining equipment and agricultural machinery.

  • Almost nine-tenths of the oblast’s population is urban, with the majority engaged in coal mining

  • There are mining and teacher-training institutes in the city.

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